Episode 01: In Search of a Cure


  • CAESAR: Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa Aids Study
  • EPIC: European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition
  • COOL AID: Cooling For Acute Ischemic Brain Damage
  • CHRISTMAS: Carvedilol Hibernating Reversible Ischaemia Trial
  • THUNDER: Taxan With Short Time For Contact For Reduction Of Restenosis In Distal Arteries
  • SYNERGY: Superior Yield Of The New Strategy Of Enoxaparin, Revascularization, And Glycoprotein IIb/IIia Inhibitors
  • TORPEDO - Thrombus Obliteration by Rapid Percutaneous Endovenous Intervention (PEVI) in Deep Venous Occlusion
  • BATMAN - Bisphosphonate and Anastrozole TrialBone Maintenance Algorithm Assessment
  • APRICOT: Antithrombotics In The Prevention Of Reocclusion In Coronary Thrombolysis
  • CAPRICORN: Carvedilol Post Infarct Survival Control in Left Ventricular Dysfunction Study
  • MAGIC: Myoblast Autologous Grafting In Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
  • RAVE: Regional Angiogenesis With Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor In Peripheral Arterial Disease

Also, Greek Gods are a popular choice, with studies named ATHENA, APOLLO, HERMES, ZEUS, and so on. There is an ADAM and EVE, as well as a study titled DEVIL.

Though most of these are proper acronyms in which, as acronyms should - each first letter is chosen, but - you may have noticed -  some did some magic with their abbreviations such as a study called VICTORY, which stands for "electiVe and acute stentIng of Coronary arTeries On ExpRess™ [coronary stent] sYstem”).

and a personal favorite of mine: A study titled: AWESOME: Angina With Extremely Serious Operative Mortality Evaluation.



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Discovery and Development of Penicillin


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Clinical trial names can be quite AMUSING, but they don’t include unicorns


How Do Clinical Trials Work?


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Unlucky 13: Top Clinical Trial Failures of 2016


Acronyms of Clinical Trial Names