Calls to Health Advocate Voice Amplification Project

The CtH Advocate Voice Amplification Project will be a series of video interviews with self-starter health advocates that are working hard to make a small change in their community. These videos will exclusively focus on drawing attention to the efforts of these activists focused on health issues, with the aim of:

  • telling a real story about a real person making a real difference,
  • raising awareness for their cause,
  • bringing in resources to their cause, such as volunteers, finances and word of mouth advertisement,
  • influencing people’s behavior in a positive way,
  • and inspiring others, igniting their sense of agency and the belief that they, too, can make a difference.


All raw footage and finished videos are also made available to the activist to use for promotion of their cause free of charge.

Know an amazing person who is helping make their community a better place? Let us know!

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